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Rise to the potential of your institution to engage, and grow your multicultural audience.

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Developing content for innovative curriculum, engaging programs, award winning exhibitions, and new museums, that stand out for being places that provoke multi-generational participation.

Adaption of Language
and Culture

Enhance your connection and trust with your audiences co-creating with us accurate bilingual, multilingual, blended language, and language neutral learning environments.

Create Cultural Capacity

Yellow Cow provides the vision, strategy, and training to help institutions reflect the why and the how they can connect better with the vibrant communities they serve.

Advise and Consultation

Amparo Leyman Pino advises core groups on the total direction of the content to be developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive, and accurate.


Change is not easy, we think it is possible. We help you to investigate and understand yourself as an organization and your audiences so you can adapt and engage in a meaningful way through your content, languages, and strategies.

Our clients

The adaptation of language and culture is a process, a conversation between your organization, and our team of experts. Your message is precious to us, we carefully craft it in other languages to deliver it to your multilingual audiences. This is crucial to connect with them and make them feel welcomed.

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