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We are committed to supporting institutions to become more diverse, inclusive and equitable.

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Founder of Yellow Cow Consulting, Amparo Leyman Pino is a learning expert specializing in leadership, pedagogy, organizational change, diversity and inclusion.

Since 1994, she has applied her pedagogical experience in the museum world. There she developed content and programs and moved into institutional leadership and administration roles managing staff and overseeing budgets. After several years in the education field she co-founded a school in Mexico City using the hippest educational philosophies.

Most recently, she has been advising museums around the world on community partnerships with services like cultural adaptation, content and curriculum development, program and exhibit creation, and staff training in cultural capacity. Amparo is an active alumnus of the prestigious Noyce Leadership Institute program where she has honed her leadership style and engaged with leaders from around the world. Member of the respected consortium The Museum Group, and a Fulbright Specialist.

The Mirror

We are here to guide your process of change. We share our knowledge, and you can rely on us taking you along in our process, so you are able to continue the journey. Our honest answer may hurt a little, but it will bring you the most growth, so you are able to walk the talk.

The Marriage

Like a good friend, we have a warm and personal approach. Our goal is to connect, not only to your content, also to your target audience and to your institution. We believe this creates the best playground for every participant in the project.

We help you to investigate and understand yourself as an organization and your audiences so you can adapt and engage in a meaningful way through your content, languages, and strategies. It will be a transforming and participatory experience that will shift the culture, content, as well as your teams and organization.

Building a strong team based on your needs to reach your diversity & inclusion goals


We proudly build international and multidisciplinary teams to provide a broad perspective when co-creating with your institution. Our network of experts provides  Yellow Cow has worked in Latin America, the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Its network is vast and solid.

Bicultural and

Our bilingual and bicultural background allow us to learn and adapt fast when working in other latitudes. This tool acts as your guiding star when we work together to understand and connect with the diasporas you want to serve better.

What clients think

The adaptation of language and culture is a process, a conversation between your organization, and our team of experts. Your message is precious to us, we carefully craft it in other languages to deliver it to your multilingual audiences. This is crucial to connect with them and make them feel welcomed.

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