We proudly work closely with institutions in four areas: developing content for curriculum, programs, exhibits and new museums; providing effective trainings to build cultural capacity in your staff; and adaptation of language and culture, our proven methodology for seamlessly multilingual interpretation

Adaption of Culture & Language

How high are your costs for cultural inaccuracies?

Mistakes and cultural inaccuracies can cost museums and organizations credibility, trust and membership from the very communities they are working hard to serve.

Our team of native speakers and experts in science, technology, human development, engineering, arts, and mathematics, provide an accurate adaptation of language and culture of exhibits and programs. We co-create bilingual, multilingual, blended language, and language neutral learning environments.

Let’s make things better!

  • Language Audit
    We accompany institutions to verify their bilingual & multilingual interpretation is accurate and warm.
  • Process of adapting language and culture
    Our expertise relies on a proven methodology; we can train your teams to become proficient partners in adapting language and culture.
  • Blended Language
    This technique allows cultural organizations to connect simultaneously with bilingual & multilingual audiences when they offer live programming.
  • Language neutral spaces
    Organizations located in multilingual spaces benefit from our techniques of language neutral interpretation. Everyone feels welcomed & included.
  • Remediation plans
    Once an audit is finished, we execute remediation plans that are cost effective, and allows the organization to improve their bilingual or multilingual communications.
  • Glossaries
    Adaptation of language and culture is a process that culminates with the creating of a glossary that provides the most common words & phrases, names of species, and terms. Glossaries provide consistency and accuracy.
  • Proofreading
    Supporting organizations and translation companies to verify the usage of language is understandable, accurate & relatable.

How do we work?

1The Mirror

Thorough review of the content in the language of origin. Asking the right questions to understand the voice of the message. Adapting the message in the other language/s. Proofreading with experts in the topic and linguists.

2The Marriage

Working together verifying that the languages flow seamlessly in every format, to a degree that bilingual visitors cannot tell which one is the  language of origin.

3The Future

Assessing the successes, learnings, and failures. Building a solid foundation for future growth by training your team to be proficient & continue building knowledge.

Our experience in exhibit development allows us to quote your project right away when you need to adapt its language to the culture of your diverse audiences. We offer you a process to achieve accuracy and connection. Your message becomes a conversation among friends.

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