We proudly work closely with institutions in four areas: developing content for curriculum, programs, exhibits and new museums; providing effective trainings to build cultural capacity in your staff; and adaptation of language and culture, our proven methodology for seamlessly multilingual interpretation

Advise and Consultation

In need of a specialist to advise on a project?

Everyone needs a friendly ear, an inspiring conversation, a savvy guidance. We thrive to make teams succeed and excel in their projects, prospective and current.

Yellow Cow provides many years of experience developing content, its proficiency in human development, and its multilingualism and multicultural wealth, to help institutions and teams thrive.

We can offer you:

  • Pedagogical Advice
    Want to incorporate the hippest educational theories to your practice? Let us take you in the right direction, transforming your educational design into a life-long learning experience.
  • Human Development
    We specialized in early childhood, and adolescence. Our approach is multi-generational, with a human-centered design.
  • Curriculum Design
    K-16, professional development, informal science education, after school programs, innovative learning experiences, we advise you to improve your practice.
  • Exhibit and Program Creative Processes
    Fun, engaging, and experiential processes that include an equity lens. We co-create with your teams unique learning environments.
  • Diversity within Diversity
    We become your thought partners to help you analyze, plan, and execute strategies that honor the intersectionalities of the people you serve.
  • Multilingual interpretation
    Assuring your multilingual interpretation is accurate, and your processes to achieve it, effective. Your message deserves to be welcomed by your diverse audiences.
  • Inclusive Design of Exhibits and Programs
    After contributing to the book: Race and Sociocultural Inclusion in Science Communication Innovation, Decolonisation, and Transformation. We designed with colleagues an experiential workshop to help your exhibits and programs truly inclusive.
  • Customized Trainings
    Share with us your goals, and we will design a training to help you achieve them: technical skills, soft skills, pedagogy, logistics and operations, innovation, among others.

How do we work?

1The mirror

We listen, we learn, we empathize. We will ask the right questions to understand your needs and fulfill them.

2The Marriage

We advise you to create capacity in your teams, this is a three-legged race, where together we achieve your goals.

3The Future

Assessing the successes, learnings, and failures. Building a solid foundation for future growth by creating awareness, knowledge through workshops, and celebrating the wins.

Innovation, ideation, and creation are the pillars that allow us to propel any project to the next level. We have a solid foundation of knowledge and experience that we put at your disposal to enhance your own practice.

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