We proudly work closely with institutions in four areas: developing content for curriculum, programs, exhibits and new museums; providing effective trainings to build cultural capacity in your staff; and adaptation of language and culture, our proven methodology for seamlessly multilingual interpretation

Content Developmnent

Are your children’s programs and exhibits really resonating?

Especially for children 0-5 and teens, museums and organizations are missing opportunities to ignite joy for learning.

We have broad experience developing content for innovative curriculums, engaging programs, award winning exhibitions, and new museums that stand out for being places that provoke multigenerational participation, true learning environments where visitors develop cognitive, motor, and emotional skills, and above all, culturally relevant and inclusive.

We can improve this by offering content development for

  • Exhibits
    Working closely with multidisciplinary teams providing expertise in meaningful learning, human development and 21st Century Skills.
  • Programs
    Designed with a solid pedagogical foundation and meant to provoke inclusive learning environments.
  • Curriculum
    Using the hippest pedagogical philosophies, we transform ideas, themes, and goals, into experiential and meaningful learning experiences.
  • Educational Models
    Educational models reflect the culture and values of an organization, and how they are transferred through their everyday operations.
  • New Museum’s Concepts
    In collaboration with designing firms, we provide our pedagogical expertise to create or renovate museums.
  • Educational Guides
    Continue the experience from the museum at school or at home. Educational Guides provoke metacognition and contribute to life-long learning.
  • Ideation Workshops and Bootcamps
    Have an idea, but no idea how to make it happen? We can support the creative process and make it happen.

How do we work?

1The Mirror

Listening closely. Asking the right questions to deepen the relationship. Research on the target audience & the subject. Put together the perfect team to support the project.

2The Marriage

Building a solid team with the staff & creating long-lasting community partnerships. Add an equity lens to the new know how, igniting inclusion in the whole process.

3The Future

Assessing the successes, learnings, and failures. Building a solid foundation for future growth by training your team to be proficient & continue building knowledge.

Our method in developing meaningful learning experiences includes an equity lens that serves as a listening ear striving to instill a natural proclivity toward ever-expanding visions of inclusion, access, and diversity.

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