We proudly work closely with institutions in four areas: developing content for curriculum, programs, exhibits and new museums; providing effective trainings to build cultural capacity in your staff; and adaptation of language and culture, our proven methodology for seamlessly multilingual interpretation

Creating Cultural Capacity

How to deepen and nurture your cultural capacity?

Organizations that are well funded, well attended and highly lauded, honor diversity at every level, including leadership, staff, exhibits and visitorship.

Yellow Cow provides the vision, strategy, and training to help cultural institutions reflect the vibrant communities they serve. For a future proof organization that is in contact with its audience.

We create lasting results with the following practices:

  • Firecracker
    An eight-hour process to ignite change at your organization.
  • Unconscious Bias
    Let's acknowledge and understand our biases, this is an experiential workshop on awareness.
  • Listening Techniques
    Learn how to listen to your audiences and transform that learning into co-created content.
  • Building Community Partnerships
    Transform your community engagement efforts to long-lasting community partnerships.
  • Diversity within Diversity
    A building block of inclusion is understanding our diversity as individuals and organizations, and the intersectionalities we have.
  • Multilingual Interpretation
    We custom-design your process for multilingual interpretation, and train you to drive it across your organization.
  • Inclusive Design of Exhibits and Programs
    Learn how to incorporate an equity lens to your design of exhibits and programs.
  • Customized Trainings
    What else can we design for you to increase your cultural competency?

How do we work?

1The Mirror

Listening, learning, and understanding your organization’s culture. Together, we start the journey to ignite change that is tangible and inspiring.

2The Marriage

This is a three-legged race where we partner to learn, design, prototype, and execute together. We jump with you tandem, until you are ready to fly on your own.

3The Future

Assessing the successes, learnings, and failures. Building a solid foundation for future growth by creating awareness, building capacity, and starting all over again.

Our proven method to ignite, drive, and sustain change will set you up to success. Organizations learn by doing, no matter in which stage your organization is, we take you to the next level.

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