• La Avispa

    Chilpancingo, Mexico

    La Avispa is one of the first children’s museums outside Mexico City, opened in 1998. We contributed with ideas for the renovation that started in 2007,  and supported the project through the revision of the final interpretation texts and labels.

    Link to museum’s page

  • Bebeleche Museo Interactivo de Durango

    Durango, Mexico

    Bebeleche is the name of the hopscotch in Durango. This project required our participation from initial ideation, throughout the development of all the thematic galleries, exhibits, labels, and programs.

    Link to museum’s Facebook page

  • Early Childhood Exhibit, Children’s Discovery Zone, King Abdul Aziz Centre for World Culture

    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

    This is the first children`s museum in Saudi Arabia. In 2016-18 we contributed with the development of the 52 exhibits for children 3-5 y.o., design and facilitation of the training of the inaugural cohort of mediators.  In 2021, we conducted creative brainstorming sessions for the renovation of the main exhibit floor.

    Link to museum’s page

  • Labertinto de las Ciencias y las Artes

    San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    A state of the art science center in the iconic Tangamanga Park. Develop the content of the exhibitions of the hall Hacia lo imperceptible (towards the imperceptible) on micro and nano science. Laberinto also received from us training to implement Nano Days, a program created by the NiseNet.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • Mundo Futbol

    Pachuca, Mexico

    Mundo Futbol is more than a museum about football, it also has the FIFA Hall of Fame. Our input was focused on ideation, content development for exhibits, and writing interpretive labels.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • Museo de Historia Natural, Ciudad de Mexico

    Mexico City, Mexico

    We proudly design the educational model of the Natural History Museum of Mexico City, as the museum went through a major renovation.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • Papalote Museo del Niño-Monterrey

    MONTERREY, Mexico

    Focused on environmental education, Papalote Monterrey is  located in the Parque Fundidora. Our participation started with listening sessions with local organizations and stakeholders, and building partnerships. We developed two of the five thematic galleries, designed programs, wrote interpretive labels, and wrote the highly praised educational model.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • La Rodadora

    Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

    A museum telling the local stories of natural and social sciences. We proudly developed the content for the social sciences gallery. This museum has an emphasis on emotions, culture, and language.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • Trapiche Museo Interactivo

    Los Mochis, Mexico

    Trapiche is the first children’s museum in the region. We contributed from the ideation phase, development of the narratives of the themes, specifically the early childhood learning spaces, and its unique educational model. We designed and facilitated the pedagogical training of the first cohort of mediators.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • El Trompo Museo Interactivo de Tijuana

    Tijuana, Mexico

    El Trompo is a bicultural and bilingual science center. We were honored to contribute with the ideation, development of the exhibit content, and write the interpretive labels.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • The Smithsonian Institution National Postal Museum

    Washington DC, USA

    Conducting creative brainstorming sessions to ideate and prototype for the renovation of the Atrium.

Exhibits & Programs

  • Climate Change

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    An exhibition created by the American Museum of Natural History. Input and advice to adapt it to Papalote Museo del Niño’s audiences, as well as the strategies and activities for schools groups, and the educational guides.

    Link to a newspaper article.

  • Early Childhood Programs

    Children's Museum of Jordan, Amman, Jordan

    Design of programs for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as an Early Childhood Education Training for the mediators.

    Link to the museum’s page

  • Megamind

    Tekniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

    Advisor for the laureate exhibition Megamind where children experiment their way to new smart ideas. Ideas are the answers to all questions and the solution to every problem.

    Link to exhibition’s page

  • We Are All Educators

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    A professional development program for the whole staff of the children`s museum to create pedagogical capacity and mission alignment regardless of their role in the institution. We contributed with webinars and articles.

  • Redwood School Educational Philosophy & Model

    Naucalpan, Estado de México, Mexico

    When co-founding Redwood School, we were created its educational philosophy and model.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Kids Im Dialog

    Dialoghaus, Hamburg, Germany

    From ideation through program development, Yellow Cow partnered with Dialogue Enterprise to create the newest exhibit about empathy as a building block for inclusion. This exhibition is targeted to children ages 3-7 y. o.

    Link to exhibition’s page

Educational Guides

  • Climate Change

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    An exhibition created by the American Museum of Natural History. An overarching program to involve public and private schools while creating a movement of climate change advocates. The guide was a series of activities to achieve these goals.

    Link to a newspaper article

  • Dialogue in the Dark

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    A guide for caregivers and educators to extend the experience with their children at the exhibition Dialogue in the Dark.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Dialogue with Silence

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    A guide for caregivers and educators to extend the experience with their children at the exhibition Dialogue with Silence.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Einstein Exhibition

    San Luis Potosí, Mexico

    Enhancement and customization of the educational guide accompanying the exhibition about the life, work and genius of Albert Einstein.

    Link to exhibition page

  • La Neta del Planeta (The Truth About Planet Earth)

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    An interactive exhibition about environmental education, stewardship, and agents of change. Its educational guide provided opportunities to provoke metacognition and commitment with the planet.

    Link to a newspaper’s article

  • Plastics in Our Lives

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    Learning about types of plastics, how to classify them to send them responsibly to a recycling process. This exhibition creates awareness of the responsible use and disposal of plastics.

    Link to exhibition’s article

  • ¡Viva el agua! (Hurray, water!)

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    An interactive exhibition to create awareness of a precious resource: water! The educational guide included activities to continue learning at home and the classroom.

    Link to exhibition page

Adaptation Of
Culture &

Exhibits & Programs

  • Dialogue in the Dark

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    The exhibition Dialogue in the Dark arrived to Mexico in 2006 and was hosted at Papalote Museo del Niño for a year. Materials were adapted into Spanish to allow the exhibition be completely customized to the Mexican audiences.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Dialogue in Silence

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    The exhibition Dialogue in Silence arrived to Mexico in 2008 and was hosted at Papalote Museo del Niño in the midst of its 15th anniversary. Materials were adapted into Spanish to allow the exhibition be completely customized to the Mexican audiences.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Giskin Anomally Cell Phone Adventure

    Balboa Park, San Diego, USA

    A cell phone adventure that transported visitors to San Diego after the World War II. The adventure received an award from the American Alliance of Museums, and it function from 2010 to 2012

    Link to exhibition page

  • IMAX Educational Guides

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    For fourteen years all the educational guides from the IMAX movies projected in Papalote Museo del Niño were adapted into Spanish and Mexican culture with our proven methodology for accuracy and relevancy.

    Link to IMAX Education page

  • Temporary Exhibitions at Papalote

    Papalote Museo del Niño, Mexico City, Mexico

    Temporary exhibitions hosted by Papalote Museo del Niño from 1995-2011 were adapted into Spanish and Mexican Culture such as: Einstein, Circus!, Leonardo Da Vinci, Codex Atlanticus, Raise the Roof, Mythic Creatures, and Try Science.

    Link to article about the Einstein exhibition

  • NanoDays Kit

    NiseNet, USA

    Public programs, hands-on activities, and professional development resources about nanoscale science, engineering, and technology and their impact on society. We proudly advocated for bilingual content, and supported the language and cultural accuracy.

    Link to NanoDays page

  • Giants of Land and Sea

    California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, USA

    This is the first multilingual exhibit of the Cal Academy. We provided our expertise to proofread all the content in Spanish to assure its accuracy.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Coast to Cactus

    The Nat, San Diego, USA

    An award winning exhibition about the natural landscape of Southern California. Our role as advisors and proofreaders improved the Spanish of this exhibition. Find an article about this in our Materials Page.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Science Apps

    The Lawrence, Berkeley, USA

    Learn about the Sun, lakes, and your health with the apps from The Lawrence in English and Spanish. In 2022 a new version of DIY Sun Science was released.  Download the bilingual apps in the link below.

    Link to Apps page

  • Mission Future Arizona 2045

    Arizona State University, Arizona, USA

    Mission Future: Arizona 2045 is a bilingual 2,500 square foot interactive exhibition developed by Arizona State University (ASU) in collaboration with Arizona Science Center, NASA, and numerous additional local and national partners. Mission Future integrates authentic Earth and space science, imaginative storytelling, an immersive environment, and hands-on activities to explore what Arizona might be like in the year 2045.

    Link to exhibition’s trailer

  • Blended Language Programming

    Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, USA

    The iconic Kelp Forest exhibit gets even more interesting when a diver plunges in with food in hand. Discover stories from inside this unique and beloved exhibit with a little help from a naturalist on the other side of the glass, while they speak in English and Spanish.

    Link to program’s page

  • Creatividad Silvestre | Wild Creativity

    Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, USA

    Creatividad silvestre | Wild Creativity invites visitors of all ages to explore fundamental concepts of biomimicry through hands-on design challenges, spotlighting the interplay between the art and science of nature and how it continues to inform our world. Our expertise was brought to assure the accuracy of the Spanish.

    Link to exhibit’s page

  • Spanish Audit and Remediation

    Houston Zoo, Houston, USA

    The Houston Zoo is fully bilingual for a long period of time, they approached us to assure their Spanish is accurate. We reviewed more than 450 files, and currently we are in the remediation phase helping their messages to be clear and powerful.

  • Lost Ladybug Project

    Cornell University, Ithaca, USA

    Cornell University’s entomology department created a citizen scientist program to research what happened to the nine-spotted ladybug. We proudly adapted the language and culture of the program, test-piloted with communities from the Latin American diaspora, as well at Spanish immersion schools in the Bay Area.

    Link to program’s page

  • Santa Cruz County History Gallery

    Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History

    A permanent bilingual exhibition to discover the unheard stories of the people who made Santa Cruz County what it is today.

    Link to exhibit’s page

  • Reinventing Reality

    Virtual Science Center

    Reinventing Reality was an award winning traveling exhibit that offered guests an interactive experience into the magical world of Virtual Reality. Guests could explore how this incredible technology works, learn why virtual worlds feel so believable, and choose from a selection of thrilling full-body VR experiences. Yellow Cow adapted the exhibition into Spanish and French.

Building Cultural

Organizational Change & Advocacy

  • The Lawrence

    Berkeley, CA, USA

    Funded by the IMLS, we helped The Lawrence to find better strategies to serve a multilingual and multicultural audience. Together we designed language neutral spaces.

  • Desert Botanical Garden

    Phoenix, AZ, USA

    It started as a project for bilingual interpretation, and it became a project to ignite the work on inclusion towards the diversification of the Garden. Today, they not only have a Senior Director of Social Responsibility and Inclusion, they got funding to continue moving their initiatives forward.


  • European Network of Science Centers and Museums, Ecsite


    Since 2019 we are co-leading and contributing to the efforts, advocacy, and operation of the Diversci Collective, a group of science communicators and practitioners who drive the agenda on diversity and inclusion within the Ecsite network.

    Link to Diversci page

  • Chabot Space and Science Center

    Oakland, CA, USA

    Supporting, guiding and advising the IDEA working group. Our job allowed them to move forward from awareness to practice, from ideas to action items.


  • Monterrey Bay Aquarium

    Monterey, CA, USA

    Co-created Blended Language Programming  and its methodology, trained the staff, and build the strategy to obtain buy-in throughout the organization to implement this successful type of programs and live presentations.

    Link to published article

  • The Nat

    San Diego, CA, USA

    In the role of advisors, we identified the areas of improvement and remediated the bilingual interpretation of the award-winning exhibition Coast to Cactus.

    Link to published article

  • The Swiss Science Center, Technorama

    Winterthur, Switzerland

    Through the Fulbright Specialist Program, we worked closely for a year’s time with Technorama, taking them from the stage of awareness all the way through continuous practice. Nowadays, Technorama has an in-house Head of Inclusion, as initiatives progressed, it became a job in itself. Technorama continues moving forward and thriving in a sustainable way.

    Link to Technorama’s D&I page

  • The New Children's Museum

    San Diego, CA, USA

    An eighteen-month project funded by the IMLS, and in partnership with Kélan Resources. Through trainings, conversations, coaching, and the implementation of short-term projects, together we increase the cultural capacity of this resilient organization.

  • Chicago Botanic Garden

    Chicago, IL, USA

    The Chicago Botanic Garden has developed an interpretive framework A Garden Made for You. This tool will allow the Garden to assure a more inclusive practice across departments. We are co-designing the training that will provide the right tools to add this equity lens to every staff member’s practice.


Advise &

Exhibits & Programs

  • Museum of Science

    Boston, MA, USA

    The Museum of Science is creating bilingual exhibitions. We provide our proficiency in Spanish to proofread and select the best titles for their new exhibitions.

  • The Hattema Group

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    Design firms approach us as soundboard partners to create more compelling and winning proposals.


  • The Design Minds Inc.

    Fairfax, VA, USA

    Design firms approach us as soundboard partners to create more compelling and winning proposals.


  • Creatividad Silvestre | Wild Creativity - OMSI

    Portland, OR, USA

    Language and culture advisor through the design, prototype and production of the bilingual exhibition Creatividad Silvestre | Wild Creativity. Our expertise allowed OMSI to deliver a content that is accurate and relevant to audiences who speak Spanish.

    Link to exhibition page

  • Sietecolores

    Mexico City, Mexico

    We partner with Sietecolores as advisors and content developers for their international projects.

  • Kera Collective former RK&A

    Virginia, USA

    Research firms approach us as soundboard partners to create more compelling and winning proposals, as well as executing the project as needed.

  • NiseNet

    National Network

    We continuously advice the NiseNet in their efforts to engage Spanish-speaking audiences, and how to guide their partners to implement best practices to lead the way towards inclusion and diversity. Lately we provided expertise for the NISE Network Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion Booklet: Tools for Engaging Communities and Incorporating DEAI Practices into Informal STEM Projects.

    Link to the booklet

  • NorthernLight

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Design firms approach us to provide expertise in early childhood development, pedagogy, content development, which will enhance their award-winning exhibitions.

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