We proudly work closely with institutions in three areas: developing content for curriculum, programs, exhibits and new museums; providing effective trainings to build cultural capacity in your staff; and adaptation of language and culture, our proven methodology for seamlessly multilingual interpretation.



Are your children’s programs and exhibits really resonating? Especially for children 0-5 and teens, museums and organizations are missing opportunities to ignite joy for learning.

We have broad experience developing content for innovative curriculums, engaging programs, award winning exhibitions, and new museums that stand out for being places that provoke multigenerational participation, true learning environments where visitors develop cognitive, motor, and emotional skills, and above all, culturally relevant and inclusive.

Adaptation of Language

and Culture

Mistakes and cultural inaccuracies can cost museums and organizations credibility, trust and membership from the very communities they are working hard to serve.

Our team of native speakers and experts in science, technology, human development, engineering, arts, and mathematics, provide an accurate adaptation of language and culture of exhibits and programs. We co-create bilingual, multilingual, blended language, and language neutral learning environments.


Cultural Capacity

Organizations that are well funded, well attended and highly lauded, honor diversity at every level, including leadership, staff, exhibits and visitorship. Yellow Cow provides the vision, strategy, and training to help cultural institutions reflect the vibrant communities they serve.

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